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The Eye awakens!

I see it now, in the cursed and foul land of Mordor; accessible only by the Black Gate or through the wraith-haunted ruins of Minas Morgul…or by a few hidden and far deadlier paths…

…Mordor, where burn the unquenchable fires of Mount Doom and where stands Barad-dûr: that terrible spire of the Dark Lord Sauron, whose Eye searches ceaselessly for weakness among the Elves and Men…

…and for what was stolen and lost long ago…

* * * * * * *

Barad-dûr is not my model. i simply increased its size substantially. It was published originally in 2015 by creepyeyes:

The "lava" spilling down Mount Doom will eventually slow and in some areas stop. Some parts of the ground below will change from "under lava" to dry land again. You can make Mount Doom erupt periodically by deleting and rebuilding various assets on top, which will alter the flow of "lava" and cause it to spill-over.

Freeways and rail are underground – make your own intersection at the start. No air or ship paths. (might change this with appropriate Southron ships and flying Nazgul…)

Inspired by JRR Tolkien / LOTR

You will need all tiles mod or first person camera to see all of the details, like the hidden trail, Black Gate, caverns of Shelob and the haunted ruins of Minas Morgul.

Collection includes "wild animals" (goblins, dragons, trolls), cims (goblins and orcs) or you can just click each of the "required items" on the right if you just want what’s required for taking a peek at the map.

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