Israeli Road Pack 01

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Author: E Light

Last revision: 20 Nov, 2021 at 22:54 UTC

File size: 85.59 MB

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This is a pack of roads with colored curbs, inspired by typical Israeli streets. All the roads in this pack are simply a retexture of the basic vanilla two-lane road.

The pack contains:
"IL Street 01" – Basic two-lane road with black-white curbs. (has elevated model)
"IL Street 02" – Basic two-lane road with blue-white curbs. (has elevated model)
"IL Street 03" – Basic two-lane road with red-white curbs. (has elevated model)
"IL Street 04" – Basic two-lane road with red-orange curbs. (has elevated model)
"IL Street 05" – Basic two-lane road with red-orange curbs, wider version.
"IL Street 06" – Basic two-lane road with blue-white curbs, wider version.

Cars in the game will only park in the "IL Street 02" road. The other roads in this pack do not have parking lanes, so cars can’t automatically park on them. You can change this in the asset editor by adding parking lanes to these other roads.
You can place prop-cars on these roads to make it look like cars are parking there.

All 6 roads have the same filesize as the basic vanilla two-lane road, so the performance impact should not be big.

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