RAILWAY 2 – Redondela Viaduct (Network Pack)

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Authors: Armesto, REV0

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Galiza, Spain

Railway 2 is a brand new network package which is packed with numerous new features, while maintaining the existing features of original Railway 1 project. It also brings new types of networks such as quads and mainlines. Check Railway 2 Guide in the collection, linked above.

About Redondela Viaduct

The Madrid viaduct is one of the two railway bridges that cross the center of the town of Redondela , together with the Pontevedra viaduct . It was inaugurated on 1876 and was active for more than a century on the Vigo-Ourense railway route. The bridge is not in use since the 1970s, but works to restore it started in 2012. It’s currently a pedestrian bridge with great views of the town.

About this pack

The 1 lane variant of Redondela bridge was officially published in ‘Bridges & Piers’ DLC. This pack features same bridge with RWY2 rail superstructure and updated metal truss. In addition to 1 lane variant, a second 2 lane variant is also made. This is a network pack, which contains 1 lane and 2 lane width bridges with visual differences. 2 lane variant contains double metal truss for each track, and wider stone arches. Both networks are RWY-EUR and USA compatible in terms of wire height, and can be customized with Adaptive Networks.

– Network PACK, containing 1 lane and 2 lane variants.
– 1 and 2 lane bridges are BI-DIRECTIONAL, use TMPE to customize lane junctions.
– All networks are bi-directional; you can customize lane use and direction with TMPE.
– Wiring height can be adjusted in-game with Adaptive Networks, supports USA and EUR wire standard.
– Catenary styles can also be customized with Railway Replacer.
– Generic abutment when combined with other networks
– Custom abutment when Basic segment of these same networks are used.
– Custom pillar supports for metal section, if needed – can be enabled with AN.

How it plays:

– Basic elevation of both networks feature custom abutments, that can be enabled with AN.
– Elevated and Bridge abutments have AN options to change wire standard.
– If you don’t use basic elevation of networks and connect directly with other R2 networks, you will get generic concrete abutments.
– Both bridges are diesel IRL, but wire support is still provided. If catenaries float around (especially on metal truss), use Ohio PRR catenary for USA networks, or place custom ones in-game.
– Complete metal section of the bridge by using Stone supports on each side of the metal section, which can be enabled with AN.

Textures and materials of track infrastructure are re-cycled from R2 EUR release.

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