Broekmolen 1851

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Author: Jass

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About the asset

The Broekmolen is a windmill in the town of Streefkerk.
It was built in 1581 to pump up water surrounding polder. It was operational from 1581 till 1957, as you can imagine it was pretty worn out by that stage. It got completely disassembled and renovated between 2010 and 2013.

The Asset

The asset is made up of two parts so it can be ussed with Procedural Objects. First you have to place the building and then you have to add the wing, With PO you can easly move the wing in place. If you use the PO rotating module you can set the speed to whatever you like.

I build the model this way because otherwise the windmill had to be very tall. Most functional windmills on the workshop are raised windmills because of game limitation. you have to use templates to create assets and the available for windmills are the larger turbines. The good news its all very strait forward. I made a tutorial video you can find above.


The windmill:
Main: 1501
LOD: 280
Texture: D/A/N/I/S

Main: 760
Lod: 16
Texture: D/A/N/S

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