NL Gantry Signs (3000mm)

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Author: Pz.Magnus

Last revision: 11 Jul, 2022 at 11:00 UTC

File size: 10.55 MB

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NL Gantry Sign Pack

A Dutch gantry sign pack with a height of 3 meter.

  • 5 Blue blank signs
  • Custom LOD’s
  • Shared textures; use Loading Screen Mod (Fix) or equivelent
  • No snapshot nor tooltip to reduce up to 20% in file size


The signs are already at the correct height compared to the gantry. Use a Prop Snapping mod to snap them to a prop. You can use the “Find It! 2” mod to search for them and “Move It” to adjust heading.

Use Procedural Objects mod to create your own sign text. Take a look at the PO text area screenshot, before you make a comment you can’t see your text.

The official font height is Anwb/RWS Ee 360/270 mm > PO font size scale for my signs is 31/23.

For Dutch font go to the workshop of DutchCheese.

Tags: RVV 1990, K-serie, Paneel, Verkeersbord, Overhead Road Sign, Traffic sign, Nederland, Netherlands

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