Billboard BIMBO

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Authors: alecsvaldez, CHECO MX

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Model Information
  • Tris: 588
  • Textures: 512 X 1024 (D)

You can search for this pack with the "Find It" mod with the name “BIMBO” and you can move it with "Move It ".

Another accessory for Bimbo, now the billboard of this company, you can place it on the side of the road or inside the company.

It is a Mexican multinational company that has a presence in 33 countries in America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Bimbo is engaged in the production, distribution, and marketing of box bread, sweet bread, homemade pastries, chocolates, snacks, and other products.

I will be sharing extra assets from this company, here below I will leave you the list of all the content, I will add the links when I share those other assets.

– Bimbo Company:
– Billboard Bimbo:
– Bimbo Sales:
– Bimbo delivery truck:
– Bimbo Trailer:
– Bimbo Entry 1 – 2:
– Bimbo Fence:




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