KR Lights Pack

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Author: Leaf

Last revision: 28 Dec, 2022 at 12:06 UTC

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우리나라 상업건물에서 많이 이용되는 투광기 및 여러 조명들입니다.
아래의 에셋들이 포함되어있습니다. [Find it]모드 이용을 추천드립니다.


These are floodlights and various lights that are used a lot in commercial buildings in Korea.
These items are included. I recommend using the [Find it] mode.


Included items.

KR Light_1_orange
KR Light_1_white
KR Light_1_yellow
KR Light_2
KR Lights_3_white
KR Lights_3_yellow
KR Signboard Lights_g600_blue
KR Signboard Lights_g600_orange
KR Signboard Lights_g600_white
KR Signboard Lights_g600_yellow
KR Signboard Lights_g1000_blue
KR Signboard Lights_g1000_orange
KR Signboard Lights_g1000_white
KR Signboard Lights_g1000_yellow
KR Signboard Lights_g1500_blue
KR Signboard Lights_g1500_orange
KR Signboard Lights_g1500_white
KR Signboard Lights_g1500_yellow

KR Lights Pack by Leaf

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