Carline’s Bay

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Author: Zorgloub

Last revision: 8 Mar at 13:50 UTC

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The heightmap of Carline’s Bay is the one of the Matarangi region, East of Auckland (NZ) with some modifications, mostly land reclamation.

This map contains about 182 000 trees, way less than the vanilla limit. They have been placed with the Forest Brush Revisited mod. The mix I have used is :
– Generic Pine Tree 100%
– Horse Chestnut 50%
– Live Oak 100%
All with a density of 40%.

The fishing ressource mostly consist of salmons and anchovy. The water depth level of the sea is about 30 meters, which turns out to be the limit between anchovy and shellfish, so the last should be available in small moving pockets where there are waves.

The map contains all the types of outside connections :
Roads 4/4 (2 highways and 2 “local roads”)
Trains 3/4
Boats 4/4 (2 in the 81 tiles area)
Planes 4/4
Speaking of the planes, their paths are aligned with the peninsula (which I think is a great place to build an airport) in a try to avoid weird taking off/landings trajectories.

The name of the map, Carline’s Bay, comes from a character from one of my favorite novels.


The only requirement to use this is the Mass Transit DLC as I have massively used the two lanes and two ways highways, as well as monorail tracks for the bridges. However, you do not need any mod.
Some mods are still recommended : Network Anarchy, Intersections Marking Tool and 25 Tiles (or even 81 Tiles).
If you have TMPE you will see that I have customized most of the intersections for a better traffic flow, feel free to adapt them to your will. Same goes for Intersections Marking Tool.


The screenshots of the map have been made with the Carline’s Bay Theme mix. To work it requires the Springwood Theme but no other visual mod (as the game crash even more than usual when I try to use them thanks to my super-potato PC).

I’m not completely pleased with this mix though, so any suggestion, any theme that you find looking great with the map is welcome !


Carline’s Bay is the first map I release on the workshop, and the second I made. As I am still learning a lot about map making, and because I usually play this game with “cheats” enabled (i.e. infinite money, tiles unlocked, …), the map (and particularly the starting tile) can have some flaws.

I have some special concerns, they can be resolved in an upcoming update of the map :
– Should the fields be extended all the way to the coastline ?
– Is there enough natural resources in the starting tile ?
– Do you want a totally vanilla version of the map that doesn’t require Mass Transit ?

Don’t hesitate to send me feedback about this, but not only, I will look at all your suggestions !

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

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