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Author: TioAuditore

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CBC & KBC Bank

CBC/KBC both are banks within KBC Group (which also include KBC Brussels).

KBC Group is a Belgian financial banking and insurance group that was formed in 2005 from the merger of KBC Holding, which in turn was formed from the 1998 merger of Kredietbank, ABB-insurance and CERA and its parent company Almanij. It is the 15th largest bank in Europe by market capitalization. Its head office is located at Avenue du Port, Sint-Jans-Molenbeek (Brussels).

CBC operates in Wallonia while KBC operate in Flanders. Altought it is inspired from the KBC located in Tienen I made an asset showing both to include all belgians 🙂

This is a level 1 commercial building 3×3.


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