Regional General Hospital

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Author: Basco81

Last revision: 11 Jan at 17:55 UTC

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Regional General Hospital by Basco81

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A healthy city doesn’t need large and expensive hospitals, but smaller facilities spread out over the map.
So I created a couple rural and country styled hospitals, urgent care centers and freestanding ER’s.

The 50 Bed regional general hospital has a children’s clinic and a seperate Emergency entrance.
Neon signs can be downloaded with the asset.


Lot size: 8×8
Cost: 20000
Maintenance: 320/week
Ambulances: 8
Patiënts: 50
Staff: 400

Healthcare radius: 2000
Healthcare accumulation: 300
Curing rate: 30

Electricity consumption: 20
Water consumption: 15
Sewage accumulation: 15
Garbage accumulation: 15

Fixed some illumination issues on the previous one and has 3 more ambulances