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Author: K_Green

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현대 유니시티 경기도도색
Hyundai UNICITY Gyeonggi-do bus color

에셋 제원 Asset Specification

승객정원 Passenger capacity : 45

최고속도 Max speed : 100km/h

색상변경 Color variation : 가능 AVAILABLE

모델 제원 Model Specification

– Main modeling : 4320Tris/ 1024X1024 Textures
– LOD : 372Tris/ 256X256 Textures


이 에셋은 Additive Shader 모드를 이용하여 몇몇 마커와 등을 재현하였습니다.
모드없이 사용가능하나, 모드 사용을 권장드립니다.
These assets have several markers and lamps by using Additive Shader mod.
You can use it without the mod, but I recommend you to use it.

* Commission by JohnBaek

Creator’s blog :

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I don’t receive bus or train assets via Steam Workshop comment or my personal e-mail.
If you have some assets you want to use, request it through the links bellow.

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