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This is the public Beta test for Realistic Population 2, the sequel to Realistic Population Revisited (which in turn is a sequel to WhitefangGreytail’s Realistic Population and Consumption mod, which in turn was a sequel to Kundan’s PopBalance mod…)

As with all Beta tests (well, all of mine, anyway), it’s believed that this mod is stable and safe to use, with no known bugs, and has just completed over three months of Alpha testing (plus development testing before that). So, there *should* be no surprises.

However, it still needs to be widely tested to demonstrate stability and bug-free status before full release – hence the Beta. As such, it’s entirely possible that this version may contain undiscovered bugs. As with all Beta tests, use with caution on any ‘keeper’ cities (and – as always! – make regular backups, just in case).

Major new features

Compared to Realistic Population Revisited version 1.4, the major new features are:

  • New building size and floorspace calculations that take into account irregularly-shaped building footprints and buildings whose area varies with height (e.g. pyramidal skyscrapers).
  • New population calculations that enable direct use of real-world metrics such as Gross Floor Area, Gross Internal Area, Net Internal Area, etc.
  • The ability to choose between multiple different preset calculation packs to apply different calculations to different building types, or even to individual buildings.
  • An in-game editor to easily create and modify your own custom calculation packs in addition to the included presets.
  • Realistic student capacity calculations for schools, including optional multiplier to enhance capacity, as well as optional scaling of cost and employment in line with game settings.
  • Adjustable global crime rate modifier.

Realistic Population 2 is 100% backwards-compatible with full inclusion of all legacy calculation figures and methods, reading and conversion of all existing configuration files, and full backwards-compatibility with Realistic Population Revisited version 1.x; all fully selectable on a global, per-building-type, or even per-building basis.

Detailed documentation is in-progress at the wiki[]. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements or additions to the documentation!


Saves a small amount if data to the savefile, just to keep track of which version was last used with that savefile (so it knows when to ask you if it should use old or new calculations), but doesn’t affect any other save data.

From a *strictly technical* perspective, can be safely removed at any time – but note that doing so will probably severely destabilize your city and will mess up your employment balance and commercial-industrial goods flow in particular! You’ll be able to recover *eventually*, but will probably need to rebuild large portions of your city to do so….

This mod uses Harmony[] version 2.0 by Andreas Pardeike via the Cities Harmony mod by boformer.

Source available on GitHub[].

Required items:

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Harmony 2.0.4-2 (Mod Dependency)Steam Workshop

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.