Hangar 1938

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Author: Jass

Last revision: 3 Apr at 21:34 UTC

File size: 10.69 MB

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This hangar is inspired by a variety of really basic hangars from the 1930’s.

They are build with steel wood and brick depending on there purpose. They where build when aviation was in its infancy. The large doors can be pushed open by hand, this type of buildings can be found all over the world.

The asset

This asset contains three hangars: A, B, C
A: Wooden hanger doors closed
B: Wooden hangar doors open
C: Brick hangar doors open

Asset specs:

Texture: 1024×2048 MAIN // 128×256 LOD
Tri’s: 2712 MAIN // LOD 999

I have seen it’s heavy on the LOD. I will try to fix this Asap.

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Hangar 1938 by Jass