USS Michael Murphy(DDG112)_SBL

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Author: WTigerTw

Last revision: 2 May at 01:32 UTC

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USS Michael Murphy(DDG112)_SBL by WTigerTw

Electric building
Static building with weapon system, helicopters and RHIB submesh on board.

Hi, this is my first ever ship model for city skyline.It’s highly detailed asset.

US NAVY Flight IIA Arleigh Burke class destroyer: USS Michael Murphy (DDG-112)., 1:1 model and texture created by WTigerTw.The model contains highly detailed sub-mesh (AN/SPG-62,MK45 Mod4, CIWS, MK32 Torpedo tube), and the hangar door, MH-60R Seahawk hekicopter, RHIB. The hangar can be toggle on or off to display the MH-60R helicopters.

Setting the name to the custom name:
Hangar Open mode : display two MH-60R Seahawk helicopters(one in the hangar)

Setting the name to the default name:
Hangar close mode, no helicopters.

A Cargo shop version can be used in game here:

A floating building version can be found here :


Main hull tris:24869
texture: 2048×2048 (d/n/s/a/c)

Weapon tris (MK45, ciws, MK32,SPG-62) :7388
texture: 512×512 (d/n/i/s/a/c)

RHIB tris : 1272 (for two boat)
texture:512×256 (d/n/i/s/c)

MH-60R tris:19538 (for two helicopters)
texture:1024×1024 (d/n/i/s/a/c)

Hangar door tris:8
texture:128×128 (d/n/i/s/c)

Main hull LOD tris:2544
texture: 256×256 (d/n/i/s/a/c)

weapon LOD tris (MK45, ciws, MK32,SPG-62) :1838
texture:64×64 (d/n/i/s/a/c)

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