Voltastraße – Station Track

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Authors: clus, SvenBerlin, Clus

Last revision: 30 May at 15:25 UTC

File size: 37.22 MB

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BM – Voltastraße – Station Track


Hello all togther !

This one is just a simple station track, which is used in SvenBerlin´s awesome Voltastraße Subway Station.… which btw is the real art. 😉


About the track

It´s a "two – part" network … in other words two different tracks, hence the bigger file size compared to the basic metro tracks.

The first network is the station track, the second one an extension.

Thats it 😉


As always 😉

Loading Screen Mod – by thale5


Every station track, as well as all currently available metro track versions use the exact same textures, as well as lod materials.
LSM helps to save you a lot of RAM, because every texture will only be loaded once in to your RAM.

Therefore you´ll only need about 30 MB, regardless how many networks you want to use.
(Plus some extra kb per asset for the models etc. of course)

Forgotten thoughts

I´ll add them when they are back … 😉


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Wíth best regards … 🙂

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