Building Spawn Points 1.1

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Author: macsergey

Last revision: 19 Jun at 10:12 UTC (2)

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    This mod allows you change and add building points where spawn vehicles

What’s Included
  • Change position of existing spawn points
  • Add additional spawn points
  • Spawn vehicles from any side of once building to many different roads
  • Set point type: spawn, unspawn, spawn&unspawn
  • Set vehicles types for each point
  • Apply settings for all building of type
  • MoveIt integration – points data copied when you copy building
  • Translation into languages: Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish

How activate
  1. Press Ctrl+P (You can change binding shortcut in mod settings)
  2. Select building and click button on header of info panel

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Harmony 2.0.4-4 (Mod Dependency)Steam Workshop

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