Japanese Supermarket “BELX(ベルクス)”

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Author: Ryuichi Kaminogi

Last revision: 16 Jul at 16:49 UTC

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BELX, a specialty supermarket, is located mainly in Tokyo, Chiba, and Saitama. It is a supermarket with a good selection of condiments, good quality of fresh foods, and very competitive prices. Many of the stores are large, and many of them are mall-type stores.
It is often mistaken for Belc, which operates in a similar area, but there is no relationship between the two. BELX is said to stand for "Best goods Everyday Lowprice (X)", but I’m not sure if there are any "goods" in it or where the X comes from.

This is the first time I have tried to create the interior of a store. In this age of virtual school trips, let’s also do our shopping virtually. I made this as a break from making videos.

It contains three items: a building, a large signboard, and a parking lot signboard.

This asset is distributed as a material. You can create a different supermarket by simply changing the signs in the submesh, so whether you’re a beginner or an expert asset creator, feel free to change them as you like. I hope there will be more assets for other regions and other chains.

Downloads (fbx, blend, PSD, etc.) are available from the links below.
* written in Japanese
* Materials must be used only for Cities: Skylines workshop assets.

About the production request

I can accept asset request with commissions. You can request trains, buildings and props.
Please contact me on discord, twitter or steam for details. I don’t accept unpaid asset request.


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