JR Hokkaido 789-1000 Series

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The 789-1000 series is an AC electric multiple unit train type operated by JR Hokkaido Railway, and have been operated on the L-Express "Kamui" and "Suzuran". 5-car train-set x 7 (35 cars) were manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in 2007 to replace the 781 series.


■Sounds info
  1. Decelerate sound
  2. Mmotor cruising sound
  3. Horn sound
  4. Stop sound(JRH Blind bell)

■Objects info
    -Main mesh-

  • Specs tris:3200~5200 /per car.
  • Texture size:1024x1024px
  • Only 1 textures are used for the entire train!
  • And the carriage numbers of the entire train are independent!

    -Sub mesh-

  • Specs tris:14~18 /per pcs.
  • Count: 16pcs
  • Texture size:128x512px


  • Specs tris:142(Head)/84(Mid)
  • Texture size:128x128px

■Vehicle info
  • Maximumspeed:24(120km/h)
  • Capacity: 60 /per car.
  • Acceleration:0.1
  • Deceleration:0.1

■Required Mods
  • Additive Shader
  • Vehicle Effects 1.9.1
  • Extra Vehicle Effects

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