JP Angled Buildings(30/45)

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Author: Ryuichi Kaminogi

Last revision: 10 Oct at 03:44 UTC

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They are typical buildings in Japan, but these buildings are angled.
Most of the buildings in the actual city are angled, but I think that there are still few in CSL.
I have a 30 degree optician store and a 45 degree pastry shop. The signboards are attached as a sub-mesh, but they can be erased by giving them a custom name. Please use it when you want to decorate yourself.

Since it is expected that it will be a problem if it grows automatically, it is set as a unique building. Please set RICO etc. by yourself if necessary.

Source Files:
(Feel free to use, but only for CSL.)

About the production request

I can accept asset request with commissions. You can request trains, buildings and props.
Please contact me on discord, twitter or steam for details. I don’t accept unpaid asset request.


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Wall-mounted Lights for signs / 広告看板用のライトSteam Workshop