Base Metro Station Track

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Author: cylis

Last revision: 12 Feb at 10:25 UTC

File size: 6.42 MB

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Dual track underground station in the style of Metro Overhaul Mod.

Required Mods:

RON, the Network Replacer – needed to replace metro station tracks.


This asset was created after the Airports DLC Free Patch was released. This patch broke many mods including the Loading Screen Mod.

Please note, if a prop or other item used in a road requires a specific DLC, that DLC will be mentioned as a requirement.
Wherever possible, vanilla props are used to replace props included with the mod.

If you see strange messages like: ‘Missing Prop: <vanilla prop here> ‘ while loading with the Loading Screen Mod, please ensure you are using the latest version. Until the main mod is updated, please use Klyte45’s updated version.

Required items:

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RON, the network replacer 0.9.1Steam Workshop