Sensō-ji Hozomon (Treasure-House Gate)

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Author: Emperor Li

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The Hōzōmon (Treasure-House Gate) is the inner of two large entrance gates that ultimately leads to the Sensō-ji (Asakusa Kannon Temple), a famous ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. It houses many of the Sensō-ji’s treasures (from wikipedia [])

This is the Parklife version.
Can be found under Parks & Plazas City Park.

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Tris: 8712
LOD tris: 128
Texture: 1024×1024
LOD Texture: 128×128


Tags: 浅草寺, 宝蔵門, 寶藏門, 宝藏门, 淺草寺, 東京, 日本, Tokyo, Japan

by Emperor Li

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