Better Warehouse Names v0.1

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Author: Sleepy

Last revision: 20 Jan at 05:52 UTC

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Better Warehouse Names

Really small mod to make the names of the warehouse resources more understandable as I find the vanilla names really confusing as they don’t actually list what resource will be stored.

Currently only supports English names. I can add localisation support if others find this mod useful.


Changes the names of specialised industry zoned resources in the warehouse resource drop down list

  • Zoned Industry – Forestry Products -> Forest Zones – Lumber
  • Zoned Industry – Farming Products -> Farm Zones – Food
  • Zoned Industry – Ore Products -> Ore Zones – Coal
  • Zoned Industry – Oil Products -> Oil Zones – Petrol

It requires harmony as it patches a private member in the Warehouse panel.

Source Code

Can be found on Github[]

Required items:

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Harmony 2.2.2-0 (Mod Dependency) [1.16.0-f3 compatible]Steam Workshop